Our Story

My journey to being a financial advisor started when I was turned down for a Mrs. Field’s Cookie franchise at age 19.

I had been visiting Hawaii when I first discovered the tasty opportunity and I was sold on the idea of making my own business out of it.

Sadly, I was turned down because they weren’t operating in Canada yet. Instead of dampening my entrepreneurial spirit, the experience made me realize there was a part of me that didn’t want a conventional 9-5 life.

And even though I did 9-5 work through 40 years of living, including getting married and raising my son, that entrepreneurial spark stuck with me. I always had a side hustle.

Then, four years ago, I decided to take a financial mentorship program. I’d had financial challenges many years before and since then I had wanted to become more educated in this area. Plus, I was looking for a new business opportunity that would allow me to leave the corporate world.

I soon realized most people didn’t grow up learning how money and debt works or how to build wealth. I knew this was where I wanted to be and my focus would be helping other families and business owners learn how to better manage their money in a tax efficient way and build wealth.

The more I talked to individuals, the more stories I heard about staying in bad relationships for financial reasons, fear of running out of money, embarrassment over not knowing how to budget, abandoning goals and dreams, settling.

As an independent agent, I can now help remove the real and perceived barriers that keep individuals and their families stuck.

I’m on a mission to help families plot and then navigate their financial roadmap. I take a holistic, non-judgemental approach to help my clients, whether they need tax strategies, insurance, additional income, to get out of debt or to determine their financial independence number for retirement. Together, we design a plan for their future so they can make smarter financial decisions.

I’m so excited I’m going to help 180 families within the next five years, providing financial literacy, mentoring new advisors and empowering individuals through financial education in Canada.